Are There Differences Between a New and Used Luxury Yacht

Other than the cost difference, you might be surprised at all the differences between buying a new versus used luxury yacht. If money is an issue, here are some of the reasons you should pay close attention to the benefits of choosing a used yacht or boat over the new one. Either way, you’ll get a better understanding which is right for you before you head out shopping for yachts for sale.

YAchts for SaleThe Cost of the Yacht
The most obvious difference when you buy a new boat versus a used on is going to be the price. With the new boat you are paying full retail price, unless you are able to secure a promotion from a local boating show manufacturer. That being said, there are thousands of new boat owners who find themselves in the position of having to sell their boat less than a year after buying it. If you can buy a slightly used boat, you still get the manufacturer warranty, all the upgrades, and the owner may even throw in the boat trailer in the deal.

Fishing Gear and Equipment
When you buy your new boat, you will need to go out and start loading up on all the expenses to make your fishing trips enjoyable. This means having to buy all your fishing equipment, depth finder, nets, etc, and these things are not cheap. Consider for a moment how excited a person was when they bought their first boat, loading up on all those pieces of equipment but then having to sell the boat a year later for whatever reason. Now you have the chance to score all those pieces of fishing gear by making an over to the owner for the boat and all accessories included.

Yachting Upgrades
If you buy a boat new and want anything upgraded, that money is coming out of your pockets. Imagine for a second how excited a boat owner is the day he is about to get his new boat. he loaded up with all the latest upgrades like a new stereo system, bigger engine, hull protection, and even a state of the art cabin below deck. All those upgrades were figured into the price, and now a year later he is selling. You get all those bonuses in one low price when you negotiate for the slightly used boat.

Hopefully you are able to see all the advantages of buying used, but if you still have your heart on being the first owner, at least you know what is ahead of you as you begin your new boating adventure. For more info visit:


How Organic Search and Blogging Can Increase Your Luxury Business

Most people don’t realize the potential blogging has as it pertains to generating money with it (I’m talking big bucks!). When I first saw the majority of blogs online, I thought these web designers were nuts! Why would anyone want to write about some random crap everyday? But then I discovered they were making tons of money each month with organic search results! I then realized they were doing this through the things they loved to do. Not only did it help others, but it made them money each day they did it!

SEO StrategyI’ve been blogging for awhile and have made a lot money, but now I want to explain how exactly I do it, how you can get started too! It’s also extremely easy‚Ķ Let’s just say it takes about an hour a day and then your all set to start making money online. But that’s only if you know a secret not many know about (keep reading)!

Most of the people out there blogging are missing out on thousands of dollars since they don’t know the simple secrets! If you are one those people, who desperately want to make money online, but don’t know how, I guarantee you’ll smack your head against the wall after hearing this simple, easy to follow, time saving technique. It all comes down to organic search.

The BIG secret to blogging is, becoming an affiliate to products which relate to your blog’s niche, that’s it! Lets say you have a blog about cat training, or Alpaca training. Now you can place ads on the blog, which is what most of the people out there do. Yeah, you can make a good amount of money if you have MILLIONS of people reading your blog, but chances are, you will never have that.

If you focus on organic search results and write a short 300-word article on it to your viewers, I guarantee that you’ll make a lot more, than ads will make you (no one wants to click an ad the know nothing about) The reason for this is because, if you pick the correct products to promote, you can earn up to a 75% commission. So, if the product sells for $100, you’d make $75 per sale. Out of 30k viewers, you’d probably get around a 2% conversion rate since they all want alpaca training information, meaning you have targeted readers. That’s around $45,000 dollars you’re missing out on.

When you stop trying to game the system and focus on organic search results, you can dominate any niche. For more info, visit – The king of SEO Charleston SC.

Luxury House Staging Checklist for Getting Buyers Invested

If you want to sell your home in a timely manner, you have to take some proactive steps that will allow those targeting buyers your realtor is bringing by in a better position to fall in love with the property. Taking the time to make these changes will increase the chances of a buyer wanting your home before anyone else has a chance. Here are 7 steps to from Charleston Luxury Homes sellers over at Premier One:

Charleston Luxury Real Estate1. Open House – During the open house, make sure there are some cookies baking in the oven. The smell of cooking in the kitchen can often trigger an emotional response with buyers that makes it hard for them to forget all about your house.

2. Curb Appeal – Rent a power washer and spend a day scrubbing clean the sidewalks of debris, the driveway, the rain gutters, the siding on the house, the fence, the deck around the patio, even the garage door. Make the house look appealing to those buyers driving around on the hunt.

3. Disappearing Act – When the realtor calls to tell you they are bringing over a potential buyer, get everyone in the car and disappear. The last thing a buyer wants is to see the family sulking around as they go through your cabinets and closets. Let them have free rein in the house.

4. Clutter Free – To allow the potential buyers to easily picture themselves living in your home, you have to make it visually appealing for them. This means getting as much clutter out and into storage as possible, besides, it will make the rooms appear larger too.

5. The Experts – Call in the professional cleaning experts to give the interior of your house a good scrubbing. These cleaning crews will restore flooring, carpeting , upholstery, appliances, even the shower wall tiles.

6. Taking it Personal – Take down family pictures, anything that connects your family to the house. The trick here is to allow the new buyers to imagine themselves living in the house, not trying to picture all those images of your family not living there any longer.

7. Open the Curtains – You don’t lie in a dungeon, open all those curtains, and allow natural light to give the buyers the ability to see what they are going to be buying. Turn on lights so the buyers can simply walk in and out of the rooms effortlessly.

There you have it, plenty of tips in this checklist for staging your house so that you get buyers invested quickly to the point that thy will not let another buyer take the house from under them.