Are There Differences Between a New and Used Luxury Yacht

Other than the cost difference, you might be surprised at all the differences between buying a new versus used luxury yacht. If money is an issue, here are some of the reasons you should pay close attention to the benefits of choosing a used yacht or boat over the new one. Either way, you’ll get a better understanding which is right for you before you head out shopping for yachts for sale.

YAchts for SaleThe Cost of the Yacht
The most obvious difference when you buy a new boat versus a used on is going to be the price. With the new boat you are paying full retail price, unless you are able to secure a promotion from a local boating show manufacturer. That being said, there are thousands of new boat owners who find themselves in the position of having to sell their boat less than a year after buying it. If you can buy a slightly used boat, you still get the manufacturer warranty, all the upgrades, and the owner may even throw in the boat trailer in the deal.

Fishing Gear and Equipment
When you buy your new boat, you will need to go out and start loading up on all the expenses to make your fishing trips enjoyable. This means having to buy all your fishing equipment, depth finder, nets, etc, and these things are not cheap. Consider for a moment how excited a person was when they bought their first boat, loading up on all those pieces of equipment but then having to sell the boat a year later for whatever reason. Now you have the chance to score all those pieces of fishing gear by making an over to the owner for the boat and all accessories included.

Yachting Upgrades
If you buy a boat new and want anything upgraded, that money is coming out of your pockets. Imagine for a second how excited a boat owner is the day he is about to get his new boat. he loaded up with all the latest upgrades like a new stereo system, bigger engine, hull protection, and even a state of the art cabin below deck. All those upgrades were figured into the price, and now a year later he is selling. You get all those bonuses in one low price when you negotiate for the slightly used boat.

Hopefully you are able to see all the advantages of buying used, but if you still have your heart on being the first owner, at least you know what is ahead of you as you begin your new boating adventure. For more info visit: